to a brief history
of office evolution

Office life as we know it has taken generations to evolve. And while we made it out alive, it sure wasn’t the sweetest ride.

How has office life changed?


Let there be light!

Trust us, having the opportunity to work in modern office is like experiencing the discovery of fire again. Smart technologies create ideal conditions and lets you control workplace light, shade and temperature. The building itself is smart and will learn your preferred settings over time and automatically adjust your office space to your current needs.

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There’s a better way to use tablets than to codify law

Let’s just go ahead and say it, clay tablets weren’t the most efficient way to store and send information. Instead, we thought that your mobile could serve as a multifunctional tool to get you through the building. Now you can use your phone to enter the parking lot, manage bike sharing or just to get access to a room behind closed doors.

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Find your way out of parking labyrinths with ease

Let’s be honest, parking lots often tend to transform into time-consuming mazes. We believe you should be able to find a free parking spot in an instant. A smart building is smart and its sensors will navigate you through the parking lot to help you comfortably park your vehicle in almost no time at all!

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Modern workspaces need rock solid foundations

Look before you leap! Even the greatest visions need a strong foundation. Place your workspace plans in the hands of specialists from Origameo. The Origameo team will help you create healthy, collaborative and productive spaces based on your company’s needs and aspirations that can act sustainably, based on data and workspace expertise.

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Rule the world no matter the dynasty

The future is not always predictable. What you need today may not be enough tomorrow so be ready for every situation. Qubes provides fully serviced office space on short term leases that flex to your company’s changing needs. Conquering new territories with a reliable and flexible partner in business has never been easier.

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Manage your ideas, not conference room bookings

Some office areas can get crowded during the day. Are you having trouble finding a quiet place to contemplate your ideas or an empty conference room for an important meeting? Today‘s workspace solutions will navigate you to less busy zones if you need to focus or will find an unused meeting room that fits the size of your group.

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Guards are sooooo medieval

One day, you come to the office and realise you forgot your ID card. Now you have to fight through hordes of grumpy faces just to enter your own workplace. Meh. Not happening ever again! An intelligent office or building has its own biometric solution for personal verification. After scanning your face, the cameras will recognise you as you approach the door and literally open them for you.

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All work and no play doesn’t make Jack a dull boy anymore

Have too many tasks come out of left field? Don’t let them overwhelm you. Thanks to More, our clients can enjoy a broad range of events and services thus delivering more value to companies and their employees – enhancing talent attraction & retention, improving absenteeism and the personal engagement of employees.

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You don’t have to faint anymore, it’s kinda old-fashioned anyways

How many times have you come to a meeting and after just a few minutes felt tired, dizzy or unfocused? Air supply, light and room temperature directly affect your productivity. That’s why smart workplace will automatically set these attributes according to the number of participants and their preferences before they even enter the room! Additionally, it will notify you about the room’s CO2 levels in real-time and recommend whether you need to take any action to stay productive.

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Let your ideas see daylight

For centuries, great inventors like Ada Lovelace worked in isolation day and night in dark and uninspiring places. Luckily, these times are finally over. At coworking space, HubHub, like-minded talents and cultures of opportunity collide - creating the perfect environment for extraordinary things to happen. Connect your potential with others, keep on growing and write your name into history.

Facts about today‘s offices & smart buildings


71% of employees would stay with the company in connection to the flexible working conditions.


Empowering employees to have control over workspace design boosts their productivity by 32%.


80% of employees report higher workplace satisfaction after room control solution implementation.

1.3M €

Companies with 500 employees that have 25% to 50% of their desks unfilled are overpaying by as much as 648,850€ to 1.3 million € each year;


Insightful space management can increase utilisation by 30%.


The global average space utilisation of meeting rooms is just 30%. Furthermore, on average, less than 40% of seats in meeting rooms are occupied.



Chief Executive Philosopher

I want to access and roam the building as seamlessly as possible, so I don't have to think about it. Moreover, I want to see the workspace adapting to current conditions as well as my personal preferences. Basically, I want the office to keep adjusting to my team’s working patterns and not vice versa.

My day at the office

  • Smart parking and contactless access verification
  • Find a place to collaborate or focus
  • Make use of premium event premises without having to go far from the office
  • Relocate a part of my team without interrupting their work routines
  • Discover amenities, special offers nearby, know waiting times in F&B areas or for ordering take-away


King of the Legal Department

I want to keep track of how our work spaces are being utilised in real time. The aim is to make sure everybody uses their work spaces in the most rational and cost-effective way. If needed, I also want to have any workspace rearranged and make sure the office grows according to the company’s needs.

My day at the office

  • Monitor real-time occupancy
  • Time-optimise maintenance and services
  • See to it that all workspaces fit their teams’ current needs
  • Collect data and analyse collaboration and meeting patterns
  • Provide options for people at work to relieve stress and re-boost productivity
  • Help rationalise costs and suggest best practices

Marie Curie

Head of Research

I want the temperature and light settings to be just right for the activity I am performing. I want to be productive, so I need enough fresh air, to be aware of the environment around me and to have full control of it. I want to feel good in my workspace in order to be able to commit myself to important projects free from distraction.

My day at the office

  • Use integrated room control application (light, shade, temperature, AV)
  • Receive real-time alerts: CO2, temperature, air quality, humidity etc.
  • Review personalised workstyle insights, health reports, tips, etc.
  • Make sure all workspaces make well-being the No. 1 office priority
  • Make aesthetics an inherent part of the workspace and a natural motivation source
  • Environment automatically responds to saved user preferences

Workspace as a Service

In HB Reavis, we make people's experiences in the office as enjoyable as possible while enhancing their wellbeing and effectivity.

At HB Reavis we don't just build places to work. We strive for spaces and environments that make people not hit the snooze button every morning because they're looking forward to going to work. With real people in mind and supported by tons of research and data, we design and develop smart spaces that enable people to spend their working time in a more relaxed and overall healthier way while being maximally productive. Therefore, we don't see ourselves as developers, but as international workspace providers.

Our workspace solutions

We are providing workspace that increases your productivity and wellbeing.

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